Girls Varsity Tennis · Girls Varsity Tennis finishes 2nd place at Schroeder TC High School Invitational

  Place Points
Eaton High School 2nd 32

Playing in the Schroeder High School Invitational for the first time, the Eaton girl’s varsity tennis team had a very strong showing against some very good competition. The event had eight schools participate which included Brookville, Milton Union, Sydney, Tippecanoe, Troy, Valley View, Vandalia Butler, and of course Eaton.
The Eagles had every position medal which was completely unexpected. Third place was the lowest finish for our team and second was the highest. Going into it, I suspected our three singles players would be competing for some of the top spots but I truly didn’t know how our doubles teams would fair. Our first doubles team of Addie Bell and Brianna Ward have experience playing doubles just not together. And on top of that, they’re both still knocking rust off of their tennis games. Our second doubles team Anna Kramer and Erika Wilkinson, a freshman and a sophomore respectively, are really beginning tennis players trying to learn the basics of the game. So it truly was a pleasant surprise to have both teams finish third and their results was a major factor in our placing 2nd in the team standings.
Addie and Brianna beat Brookville 8-1, lost to Butler 1-8, then defeated Troy 8-2 for 3rd place.
Anna and Erika beat Brookville 8-3, lost to Tipp City 4-8, then defeated Sydney 8-2 for 3rd
In singles, the Murphy sisters eventually ran into stiff competition but played some pretty good tennis all in all.
Sophia placed 2nd at first singles by beating Brookville 8-1, beating Butler, 8-5, then losing a hard fought match with Milton Union 5-8.
Grace placed 2nd at 2nd singles beating Brookville 8-0, then an extremely tough opponent from Milton Union 8-5, then losing 3-8 to Tipp City.
Tess Murphy placed 3rd at 3rd singles beating Valley View 8-0, then lost to Milton Union 4-8, and then defeated Troy 8-4.
What will be interesting is the fact that each sister will have to play the girl they lost to in future dual matches. Hopefully they each were able to learn something that they can apply in the rematch.

Tippecanoe ended the day as team champions with 36 points, Eaton was again 2nd with 32 and rounding out 3rd was Vandalia Butler with 29. I was very proud of our finish, especially edging out Butler. Not only are they a Division 1 school but their entire line up was all seniors. Our squad has just one senior so our arrow is definitely pointing up. It was a fun day of tennis and a great event for our team to play to get experience. Hopefully we can make another strong push next year.