Girls Varsity Tennis · Eaton Girl’s Tennis Gets First Ever District Champion

  Place Points
Eaton High School 1st 0

Macy Hitchcock defeated Bella Kirby (Indian Hill) in semi-finals 6-0, 7-5.
Macy Hitchcock defeated Lily McCloskey (Oakwood) in finals 6-3, 7-5.

Macy continued on Saturday what she started off on Thurs doing and that was winning. She dominated her matches on Thurs only losing one game and thereby securing her spot in the State Tournament for Div II. Saturday was the semi-finals and finals where Macy was able to get through a little more formidable opponents. She started off strong in her match with Indian Hill then her opponent changed her tactics quite a bit and made the second set much more competitive. Macy trailed the entire time but at 4-5 really found a way to take control of the match like she did in the first set and reel off three hard fought games.
Then for the fourth time in about five weeks she was up against a common foe from Oakwood. Luckily Macy was prepared mentally because it can be easy to start overlooking an opponent you’ve played a lot but in this case she knew the Oakwood girl was going to be highly motivated to try and get a win. It was high quality tennis on both sides but Macy was just able to hold her off as Oakwood made a really strong push in the second set. On a side note, it was also really refreshing to see an all Dayton finals. Usually this district is dominated by the Cincinnati and Mason area schools. A good sign for the strength of tennis in our area.

Hopefully Macy can benefit from the this as she’ll be one of #1s in the State Tournament. Obviously this next step is the best of the best in high school tennis so you always hope you can position yourself with a favorable draw and being a #1 can help but it’s no guarantee.